The experiences our ancestors had is often overshadowed by the three or four events in a life lived: birthdate, marriage date, children’s birth dates, and, the date of their death. The remaining days of their lives are lost, gone to dust. Without exercising some effort to determine the forces which affected their lives, we are left with these gravestone facts. The fictional books I have written and described elsewhere on this site attempt to tell a story [and not a documentary] about their times, the other events that affected their rational for what they did, and, to wrap it together in a novel that is like every other piece of fiction: interesting without being boring. As you can see from the reviews already in place, readers have found them intriguing, interesting, and, readable. As a paperback novel, their pages number in excess of two hundred fifty.

Olivier, for his own happiness, befriends Francois, who falls in love with him. He claims to her that he is enlisted with the Carignan-Salieres regiment, a French regiment which is the first to have its uniforms provided by the government of the day. They are stationed in New France. She attempt to find him, using the free passage provided by King Louis IV, to come to these shores. Does she find him?

Etienne is the most despicable yet most valuable soldier. He is found, murdered, in at least four different ways. There is no investigatory system in place, and, the court system to handle a trial of an accused is non-existent. Will the murderer be brought to justice?

In ‘La $a$katchewan’ we experience the reasons, and the self-torture which our forbears survived to seek the riches of the prairies – the gold in the sheaves. The havoc the trek brought to the attracted is relived in this search for mountains of money. Can their marriages survive the continuous bombardment of new cultures, new neighbours. drouth and dust storms?

Angelique is a slave in New France who is accused of burning most of the City of Montreal in 1734. This is the story of the elements which came together to wrongfully accuse, and hang her in a primitive justice system in a small community.

Salt Spring Island Murders details Pouge Monbeton’s investigation into who the murderer or murderers were who killed five colored men on the island between 1860 and 1970. Relying on the available court documents, the novel weaves its way through little known historical facts to piece together a profile of the potential murderer(s) while dispelling the notion that an Indian, Tshuanahusset, who was hung for the murder of William Robinson, was guilty.

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  1. wayne barre says:

    Angelique and the Burning of Montreal is another opportunity to see the workings of that unassuming French Canadian detective Pouge Monbeton as he delves into the nooks and crannies of Canadian history. Lionel Lizee has exhumed the fascinating early case in the French canadian justice system of a woman accused of setting the Montreal fire in 1734. This is a gem of Canadian history about the conviction of a probably innocent woman with Lionel using his legal instincts to investigate the medieval tortures of the early French Canadian justice plummeting this black slave woman towards the burning and hanging of the convicted. Lionel captures the suspense and fear of this potential execution with pouge providing the insights to expose the legal manoeuvring and traps of the possibly guilty schemers. I had a hard time putting this novel down as the hopes and fears, and the cunning and desperation of the suspects were being revealed to us by the innocent questioning of subtle wiley pouge monbeton. Lionel has an ability to catch the humanity of the characters and their struggle to survive the plots and politics of life in early Montreal.

  2. Barb says:

    LA $a$katchewan is a really good read. It draws you wholeheartedly into the lives of the characters of that time. Pouge Monbeton is a delightful, slightly insecure, shyly charming, sometimes bumbling kind of character who grabbed me from the beginning. There is potential to develop Pouge’s adventures into a series of books based on his exploits. The story line gives the reader the feeling of being with those folks homesteading in a difficult climate and it left me wanting to know more about them. I hope to see more books from you in the future.

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